Established in 2011, Cheung Hing Wah Foundation (“The Foundation”) is a Hong Kong registered charitable institution. We are dedicated to participating in various community services in order to promote our charitable objectives.

“We support charitable service out of benevolence and with compassion.
We believe in kindness and care for those in need.
Let’s fill the donors and recipients with joy and blessing through our charity deeds.”



The Foundation undertakes to carry out a variety of charitable activities. Our aim is to improve the well-being and to help relieve the difficulties of the elderly, young people and underprivileged groups in the society.


Scope of Services


    • Provide assistance for the aged, disabled and needy people to improve the quality of their lives.
    • Support youth programs and educational related activities to foster all-round development of teenagers.
    • Engage in community development projects to enhance the harmony of society and provide the
      necessary needs.
    • Make donations to emergency and disaster relief projects.
Chairman Mr. CHEUNG Hing Wah
Vice Chairman Ms. Eva LUN
Chief Executive Ms. Amy LAU
Treasurer Ms. Alison CHAN